What a Team! VIBC Welcomes New Co-Chairs


VIBC starts its 11th year with two new co-chairs, Vishal Hiralal and Kiran Mander. Vishal’s diverse background involves working as a chartered accountant as well as a Controller in the film industry. He is committed building VIBC’s brand, and to seeing the organization continue to grow. He is also passionate about giving back to the community that has helped him to his early success! Vishal is dedicating his time to planning and fundraising for VIBC’s City of Bhangra Festival, and hopes to continue VIBC’s legacy through hard work and collaboration with the VIBC team and his co-chair, Kiran Mander. 

Kiran Mander has long-standing history with VIBC. Is it is safe to say that Kiran has a passion for bhangra, as she co-founded and choreographed the UBC Girlz Bhangra organization. She and her UBC Bhangra team also participated in VIBC’s competitions, and placed first two years in a row! Kiran is an obvious asset to the VIBC team based on her rich knowledge of bhangra and her passion to see VIBC succeed. Kiran began her involvement with VIBC in 2004 as a competitor, but joins the VIBC Board of Directors team 10 years later as the co-chair. Kiran has found solace in VIBC’s community-building over the past decade and, with the help of Vishal and the VIBC family, looks forward to expanding VIBC’s horizons even further through sharing the joy of the bhangra movement.

Blog by Mindy Ghag.
Photo by Joe Carlson. (L to R): Co-chairs Kiran Mander and Vishal Hiralal with former chair Mo Dhaliwal at VIBC’s AGM, November 2014

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