Welcome to Karanjit Kochar as a new Board Member for VIBC


Learn a little more about one of our two new members.  Karanjit joins returning board members: Kiran Dhaliwal, Manpal Rana, Arsh Dhillon, Simran Bhatti, Raj Arneja, Mandeep Patrola and Evelyn Erridge to lead VIBC into 2017.  

Karanjit Kochar 

1- Why did you want to join the VIBC board?

Bhangra to me symbolizes unity, joy and happiness. It has played an important role in my life and I wanted to find a way to give back. I was looking to do something I am passionate about and therefore decided to join VIBC. 


2- Is there anything that you would like to accomplish while on the BOD?

To find a way to establish sustainable funding and add financial strength


3- Favorite VIBC event that you have attended?

Downtown Bhangra 


4- Hobbies, activities that you do outside of work?

I like watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Watching cricket and ice hockey. 


5- Any other tidbits of fun information that would be good to share?

I have studied and worked in three different continents (North America, Europe & Asia)  


6- Inspirational statement or mantra that you live by?

Never Say Die! 

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