VIBC Welcomes New Chair & General Manager

After nine years of “blood, sweat, and tears”, Mo Dhaliwal has stepped down from his position as VIBC Chair, and passed it on to Manpreet Dhillon. Thank you, Mo, for your years of vision, direction, and drive, and Manpreet: welcome to the fray! Manpreet has been volunteering with VIBC since 2005, and has managed festival event planning, sponsorship development, and volunteer recruitment. She is an established personal and career coach, specializing in gender and cultural dynamics, and sees VIBC as a vehicle for cultural understanding and creating a happier community.

We also welcome Anita Lal, VIBC’s very first General Manager. Anita has a background in International Direct Marketing and has worked in the intense and diverse global market for the past 13 years. She also has an extensive portfolio of volunteer and community engagement work with local organizations, and a keen interest in social justice. She is expert in working under pressure and making sense out of chaos – so a perfect fit for us here in the arts world!

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