VIBC Welcomes New Board Member


A warm welcome to VIBC’s newest board member, Arsh Dhillon, who is replacing our beloved Vishal Hiralal. Arsh works for the Ministry of Labour as an Employment Standards Officer, and looks forward to bringing his energy, enthusiasm, and many skills to VIBC. 

He joins other board members Kiran Dhaliwal, Kiran Mander, Raj Arneja, Sonny Dhillon, Manpal Rana, Sukhi Ghuman, Mandeep Patrola, and Milan Singh, who, under the leadership of Artistic Director Tarun Nayar, Executive Director Anita Lal, and General Manager Nicole Sirockman, are planning great things for 2016.
To help us get to know him better, Arsh generously took the time to answer some questions about his work, his views on life, and his aspirations for VIBC. Thanks so much for sharing, Arsh, and welcome to the VIBC family!

What kind of work do you do?
I am employed by the BC government. I conduct mediations, investigations, and audits, and write quasi-judicial decisions in the administration of the provincial labour law. Historically, I have been employed as a Probation Officer, an entrepreneur, a banker, a research assistant, and a farmer. I have volunteered to raise funds for the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies and have been a citizen advisor to the Correctional Services of Canada.

Why are you excited to join the VIBC board?
We all have experienced cognitive ecstasies while witnessing some form of music and dance that just resonates with us at a visceral level. Bhangra does that to me every time. VIBC has a history of instrumenting inclusive mindscapes where diverse cultural and community members have come together to immerse themselves in the joy of bhangra. For such reasons, I am uber-excited to be part of VIBC.

How do you see yourself contributing to the organization?
VIBC believes that a stronger understanding and shared experience of the arts is one avenue to build bridges between cultures and communities. In conjunction with fellow board members, I will strive to advance VIBC’s vision and mission; ensure adequate resources for VIBC to serve its purpose; strengthen VIBC’s ability to provide its programs and services; and operate with accountability and integrity.

Do you have a favourite memory from any past City of Bhangra Festival?
I distinctly recall grooving to a RePercussion show few years ago. It was a beautiful fusion of world music with drumming and dance. Talented musicians regaled the attendees with the symphony of traditional Indian tabla and dhol, Brazilian percussion instruments, piano and Japanese taiko drums. I found it to be a boundary shattering experience of intercultural connectedness.

What are your favourite things to do outside of work and VIBC?
I am an avid knowledge seeker, reading enthusiast, cultural navigator, arts admirer, social commentator, environmental advocate, innovations explorer, technological futurist, fitness aficionado, and an ordinary human. I find bliss in the company of intellectual renegades.

Blog by Jennifer Webb
Photo courtesy Arsh Dhillon

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