VIBC Says Goodbye to Mo Dhaliwal


Awesome AGM on November 27! Mo Dhaliwal, VIBC founder and visionary, opened the event with a personal retrospective, rewinding the past ten years in classic Mo style: with humour, passion, eloquence, humility and HUGE pride in what VIBC has accomplished these past 10 years. VIBC also welcomed new board members Kiran Dhaliwal, Anne Murphy, and Raj Arneja, and bid farewell to outgoing members Mo Dhaliwal, Manpreet Dhillon, Vicky Chandi, and Kelly Strain. Later, everybody partied hard, honouring Mo, Sukhi Ghuman, and Amar Jitla for their 10 years’ service to VIBC, and surprising Mo with an amazing video honouring his contributions through the stories of dozens of his closest VIBC friends and colleagues. Thanks to everyone who gave Mo their 2 cents, and for Geoff Webb for creating the video. Watch it here! (Already miss you, Mo.)

Check out MO's OTHER gift put together by Geoff Webb and the gang at VIBC—a video reminder of just how great City of Bhangra Festival 2014 was. Good times!

And as long as we're thanking people... the food, wine, and company at the AGM last night were amazing. Thanks especially to our sponsors SFU, for the space, Five Star Sweets and Restaurant for the catering, and Raveena Oberoi, from Just Cakes Custom Cake Creations, for the fantastic cake. Also thanks to Mandeep Patrola for organizing the event, and VIBC co-chairs Kiran Mander and Vishal Hiralal for hosting.

Photo of Mo Dhaliwal by Raymond Kam

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