VIBC’s AGM + TransFusion a Huge Success!


VIBC had major announcements, recollections of City of Bhangra Festival 2015, and a ton of great energy brought by the amazing TransFusion event on December 3rd at our 2015 AGM in Surrey, B.C.

At the AGM, VIBC introduced three new (and returning!) members, including Tarun Nayar, serving as Artistic Director, Anita Lal, taking on the role of Executive Director, and Nicole Sirockman, joining us as VIBC’s General Manager.

After welcoming the newest VIBC members to the team, attendees recalled the 2015 City of Bhangra Festival and watched some awesome clips that perfectly summed up how amazing the Festival was. After that, the audience went on to enjoy TransFusion, a performance piece developed by Tarun Nayar and Hardeep Sahota (director of the Royal Academy of Bhangra), featuring bhangra as the inspiration for four local dancers (Vanessa Goodman, Stu Iguidez, Dayna Szyndrowski, and Jacky Yenga) to create new works drawing on their experience of African dance, tap, flamenco, contemporary, and hip hop. The evening was filled with amazing talent and a lively audience that was fascinated by every single moment of this unique event!

We’re hoping everyone enjoyed themselves at all of our VIBC events this past year, and are looking forward to an even more fun-filled 2016. See you all in the New Year!

Blog by Suman Lally & Mindy Ghag
Photo by Joe Carlson (left to right: Tarun Nayar, Hardeep Sahota, and performers)

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