VIBC Loves Vancity Buzz


Business. News. Sports. Bhangra. Bhangra? Yes, Vancity Buzz has the pulse of local life online, which includes supporting—as well as reporting on—the best Vancouver has to offer in the arts.

From the Jazz Festival to the Celebration of Lights, Deighton Cup, and Vancouver Chinatown Festival, Vancity Buzz annually supports events that reflect the energy, diversity, and excitement of the city. We’re proud that Vancity Buzz is so generously sponsoring our Festival for the third year in a row, putting us in good company, and inspiring us to reach ever higher in our goal to bring communities together through celebration and the joy of bhangra.

According to Community Relations Manager Harpreet Shergill, VIBC’s values align closely with those of Vancity Buzz: “The City of Bhangra Festival connects communities through artistic innovation, while bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together to make our city a better place.”

On a personal note, Harpreet says: “My favourite event has always been Downtown Bhangra, which encompasses so many people with varying backgrounds.”

Harpreet, we hope you can join us for this year’s Downtown Bhangra event, which takes place on June 17 and 18 outside the VAG. We also want to thank you and Vancity Buzz again for your generous support of the Festival this year. #BhangraLove!

For more on Vancity Buzz and the great work they do, please click here:

Photo: Joe Carlson (Downtown Bhangra 2015)

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