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We are always on the look out for fresh talent among singers, dancers, musicians, and basically anyone with the passion to perform! Mngwa, pronounced “ming-wah,” is a local band that has recently started in Vancouver, including our own VIBC graphic designer, Roberto Cruz! The band just released their own music video for “La Rumba de Kingsway,” the first single from their debut Vancumbia Ambush EP.

“La Rumba de Kingsway” combines elements of dub, cumbia, and reggaeton to imagine a daydream theme for the unpolished urban beauty of East Vancouver’s historic Kingsway. This is known as the oldest and oddest strip in the city.

The band Mngwa is comprised of nine musicians from six different countries playing psych cumbia. An unusual proposition in Canada, but fitting within the “anything-goes” vibe of Vancouver. With their debut Vancumbia Ambush EP, this shifting groove monster of a band sinks its teeth into the progressive global music scene. Based in East Vancouver but spilling across many sonic and cultural borders, Mngwa has begun what promises to be a wild and singular journey!

We are so proud of Roberto and wish him and his colleagues the best for their future!

Be sure to check out their new music video at and listen to the full album at

Blog by Suman Lally.

Photo of Roberto Cruz courtesy

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