Creating Community Connections


VIBC is dedicated to connecting communities through the joy and celebration of bhangra, and we’re always looking for news to share with the VIBC family about exhibits, plays, books, concerts, music, dance (not just bhangra—all kinds!), talks, lectures, and festivals of interest taking place here and around the world. Last month, we worked with South Asian Arts, SFU, Diwali Fest, and the Gujurati Society of Canada to promote their events, reported on Autorickshaw performing at the new Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, and let you know about UFV’s Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies’ presentation of “That Land Beyond the Waves,” a play by Dr. Rajnish Dhawan about Komagata Maru.

Help us stay connected to Metro’s cultural scene! Let us know when your organization is doing something wonderful, and we’ll help get the word out. All we ask is that you help us promote OUR amazing events too. Post your news on VIBC’s FB page, or send us a message via FB. We'll get back to you asap! #BhangraLove

Photo: Neelu’s Clicks

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