VIBC Celebrates its 10th Anniversary


10 Years of Performance, Culture and Community

2014 brings VIBC to its 10th year of production! We are starting up again and just in time for Christmas, so let us revisit the ghost of VIBC past: we began in 2004 as a small not for profit organization, dedicated to strengthening the community through the universal languages of music and movement. Over the years we have reached more individuals than we thought possible, and to celebrate our amazing supporters, this year we are dedicated not only to bring everyone together for an unforgettable 10 day experience, but to do it bigger and better than ever before.

Last year, we had record shattering numbers and ground breaking performances. This year, we aim to top it all, and our team is hard at work, so let’s spread the holiday cheer and break all records for the biggest year yet!

So, mark your calendars... the festival kicks off on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 in Surrey and closes on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 in Vancouver.

As always, you can connect with the VIBC team to get involved.

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