2012: Festival Expansion and the End of Competition

In 2012, the focus for VIBC will be to accentuate the strengths of our festival and focus on providing events and experiences to newer and broader audiences, while building sufficient support amongst corporate sponsors, government funders and private donors to fill in the cracks and stabilize the organization.


Our flagship event, the Bhangra Competition, will be transformed into an outdoor extravaganza, as a component of Downtown Bhangra. By placing the calibre of talent that the competition attracts into an outdoor format means the creation of an event that will have mass appeal and an added level of energy. Downtown Bhangra will be expanded to a 2-day format, highlighting key acts and dance performances during the finale on Saturday.

Our events will also be regionally distributed to allow the greatest amount of outreach to new communities and audiences, while helping to build a critical mass in Vancouver for the final 4 days of the festival. The City of Bhangra festival will still be distributed over two weekends, the first weekend highlighting local talent with regionally distributed events. The second weekend will present international acts and be focused in Downtown Vancouver.

Celebrate the Harvest

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