2010: Olympic Bhangra & Something New

Our most ambitious year – produced a massive program as a part of the the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, Olympic Arts Festival. Quantum Bhangra featured Harbhajan Mann and a host of internationally renowned artists.


The City of Bhangra festival took place a few months later, before we began outreach on our next endeavour: a museum exhibition to tell the story of bhangra in Vancouver.



The project later titled "bhangra.me: Vancouver's Bhangra Story" was also initiated this year. Originally conceived by Mo Dhaliwal and Amanda Gibbs, as a means to tell the story of the South Asian community through the lens of cultural performance, the concept was given form by the Museum of Vancouver. With a grant from the Vancouver Foundation, Naveen Girn was hired as the community researcher and curator for the project. Naveen spent the bulk of the year visiting families, collecting stories and artefacts, and bringing a voice to a story of cultural and community involvement through bhangra, that had been silent for decades.



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