VIBC Announces New Artistic Director: Tarun Nayar


Our long, hot summer may be coming to a close, but Vancouver, get ready for an even hotter year to come! Tarun Nayar—writer, producer, DJ, and musician extraordinaire in our city’s favourite fusion band, Delhi 2 Dublin—has just been appointed Artistic Director of VIBC!

Tarun “Tspoon” Nayar takes the reins as VIBC moves into its 12th year of bringing the joy of bhangra to local and international audiences everywhere. Since 2004, VIBC has been provoking, promoting, and inspiring cross-cultural creativity, communication, and community engagement through the arts, and we’re thrilled that Tarun will be throwing his energy and passion toward VIBC’s aim of achieving ever higher levels of artistic excellence.

Tarun says that what he loves most about VIBC is “the energy, the people, and the sense of adventure. As Artistic Director, I’m looking forward to doing some really creative things with an art form I love, bhangra.” Through year-round events and programs, as well as the City of Bhangra Festival, VIBC works to builds bridges across cultures and communities, but Tarun’s not ready quite YET to share any big plans for the future: “Some of this is secret!” he says. “I can't let the cat out of the bag! but I want the parties to be bigger, I want to bring TransFusion back, and I want to bring in a headliner that will wow everyone.” Given that his idea of a VIBC cocktail is a potent mix of “tamarind, lychee, and chili,” seems like Tarun will definitely be looking to spice things up, though!

Besides working as a musician and producer, Tarun is a founding member of Vancouver's Beats Without Borders collective (hosts of the city's longest running global electronica club night) and Jam Camp (an organization that runs improvisational music camps for kids). He also has a long and illustrious connection with VIBC—he and band member Sanjay Seran have both performed at various VIBC events since the Festival began, and VIBC’s former VIBC founder and past director, Mo Dhaliwal, still co-writes some of their songs today.

Tarun acted in the past as Artistic Director for TransFusion (one of the City of Bhangra Festival’s signature events) and in 2008, Delhi 2 Dublin performed at VIBC’s Bhangra Competition. In 2009, they played the outdoor stage at Downtown Bhangra as thousands thronged the grounds for the free, open-air programming that weekend, and this year, they did it again: bringing their biggest backyard party EVER to the streets of Vancouver at City of Bhangra Festival 2015. Tarun’s favourite memory of this year’s show is “how different it felt to the first time we played, years ago. This time, everyone knew us! They knew the songs, our names… We really felt a part of the VIBC family.”

A prolific songwriter and producer, Tarun is now working on his second solo album, plus Delhi 2 Dublin's 4th studio album due to drop September 18 (check out “East Van,” their latest video here, or sign up for exclusive D2D updates through their PledgeMusic campaign.)

On his website, Tarun says he brings his “hapa attitude—mix, mash, and repeat” to everything he does. Here at VIBC, we can’t wait to see him put that attitude to work as VIBC’s new Artistic Director. Congratulations on the appointment, Tarun; now you really ARE a part of the family!

Blog by Jennifer Webb
Photo by Umar Akbar

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