VIBC After 10 Years: Rewind, Review, and Reimagine


Over the past 10 years, VIBC has had quite an impact on Vancouver!

Rewinding the past decade, we can see that many wonderful memories have been made, and many new bridges have been built through the power of arts and culture. Today, we can see how much bhangra has evolved: it’s no longer JUST an art form—it’s also become a symbol of unity between different cultures and communities. It’s no longer just about dance, it’s about who we are as ONE! 

If we take a moment to review all that has happened in the past 10 years, we can see that a LOT has been accomplished. We’ve established ourselves as a dynamic, volunteer-powered organization dedicated to creating an inclusive community for all through celebration and the joy of bhangra; we foster community engagement throughout the year by building partnerships with other cultural organizations, supporting local arts initiatives, and creating educational opportunities for youth; AND, every spring, we present our fantastic City of Bhangra Festival, featuring hundreds of local and international bhangra artists performing for thousands of people, young and old. In every way, in everything we’ve done, VIBC has tried over the past 10 years to share the spirit of love, generosity, celebration, and inclusivity that is the bhangra movement.

Now, as we begin our 11th year, let’s reimagine! Who we are, our identity, and the role we can play in society. VIBC is not just about individuals—it’s about who we are as one. And why SHOULD we come together as one? To make our own and the global community richer in celebration of the arts, education, culture, and diversity.

As we rewind, review, and reimagine, we see that not only have we come a long way, but we have also brought our community even closer. By building relationships, creating partnerships, contributing to society, and celebrating the awesomeness of bhangra every day, we’ve become ONE. And what do we represent? VIBC! Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration! 

Blog by Navreet Panjetta, VIBC Volunteer

Photo by Joe Carlson

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