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Getting together top talent from around the world is one of the key elements of putting on a festival of this calibre. We’re currently calling for bhangra singers, bands, dance teams, DJs, musicians and professional performers.


Currently we have three of the top teams in North America performing at the Downtown Bhangra I & II events at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza on June 9th and 10th, Anank-E-Gabroo, UNC Bhangra Elite, and Joshiley Jawan.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, or know someone that should be a part of this year’s HSBC City of Bhangra Festival, fill out a registration form today. The deadline for registrants to participate at our festival as a performing artist or team is April 15th. The final lineup of all teams and performing artists will be announced after April 23rd.

More about the teams

Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG)
Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG), an independent all-male bhangra team that hails from Queens, New York. Despite the fact that this group of men is composed of dancers of differing backgrounds, schools and vocational callings, the team is united by their love of bhangra and their unique and creative "AEG" style, a well balanced blend of traditional bhangra with modern elements. In the past five years, AEG has competed and placed at numerous competitions across North America. In addition to their accomplishments on stage, the team consistently showcases and promotes this dance form at various local shows, charity functions, and private events.

Joshiley Jawan
Joshiley Jawan, an all-male independent bhangra team whose members span from the greater DC/Maryland/Virginia Metropolitan area. Outside of being a team they’ve considered themselves to be an underground bhangra movement—a movement that upholds tradition in paying homage to the historic roots of Punjab whilst pioneering unique modern elements of showmanship and creativity. Joshiley Jawan is the people’s team, and over the years has strived to master the essentials of energy, finesse, movement, and stage presence. These efforts have earned them a reputation for meticulously crafted dynamic performances that have won over crowds throughout the nation. JJ aims to bring to the most entertaining performances to the stage while spreading the positive values of respect, patience, work ethic, and humility on and off the stage. Finally, Joshiley Jawan means “the energetic youth” and is a testament that the power of art and camaraderie are without age.

UNC Bhangra Elite
Bhangra Elite is an organization that was founded in 1996 at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. The team has maintained its co-ed, collegiate roots since the very beginning. They pride themselves in keeping the traditional aspects of bhangra alive and strong while by maintaining their own style and creativity. They are extremely proud to be a part of today’s bhangra scene and to be representing their school across the United States and Canada. Recently, they participated in competitions such as Bhangra in the Burgh, Elite 8, Virsa Punjab Da, and Bhangra Blowout. They feel honoured to have shared the stage with different teams across North America, many of whom they look up to, and are extremely proud to be representing the co-ed collegiate teams in Vancouver for the 2012 HSBC City of Bhangra Festival!

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