Get your brand in front of a young, energetic and educated crowd.

Our core festival audience is made up of South Asian Canadians in secondary school and university. This presents an opportunity to present your brand as a positive, supportive force in building the culture while building a trusting relationship between your brand and the audience at the same time.

In previous years, our City of Bhangra festivals have had over 25,000 attendees, and have reached over 1 million people on- and offline with smart, engaging, and relevant marketing that includes reference to our sponsor brands.

5X Festival 2018 includes:

  • Media sponsors - our biggest group of media supporters ever are ready to promote the festival and its partners online, broadcast, and in print.
  • 100+ interviews in print, radio, television and online
  • Live broadcasting.
  • 10,000+ copies of promotional print pieces distributed throughout the Lower Mainland
  • 20 transit shelter ads in Vancouver and Surrey