Sparkle Plenty


Sparkle Plenty
(MC, Where Not To Do Bhangra)

The lovechild of Stella Artois and Jose Cuervo makes Sparkle Plenty a very saucy lady in more ways than one. Flirty, funny, and flail-ly this performer has been seen on stage and behind the scenes in countless burlesque productions locally and internationally including the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and the Colorado Burlesque Festival since her debut in 2008.

Her acts have been (self) described as delightful and disturbing as she strives to find innovative ways to entertain the entertainers. Sparkle can be found performing regularly with her beloved burlesque family, the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society or any in other production that requires a little more "glamedy" (a combination of glamour and comedy) in their show.

Plenty's passion for burlesque goes beyond performing as she is an advocate for organizational transparency, artistic development, and community building which was why she was elected to proudly serve on the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival's Board of Directors for two consecutive years. She now happily sits on the Board of Directors as Vice-President for the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society.

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