Songs of Revolution


VIBC is pleased to announce that “Songs of Revolution” will take place in January 2015 (exact date TBA). This extraordinary event will feature performances by local musicians and dancers inspired by the rich history of the Ghadar movement, undertaken in the early 1900s in the USA and Canada, as well as India, by Sikh and Hindu Punjabis longing to free themselves from British rule. 

The word Ghadar, commonly translated as mutiny, also gave its name to a newspaper edited and published for the Hindustani Association of the Pacific Coast, founded in Portland in 1912.

By researching and translating the stories, histories, ideas, and ideologies of Ghadar, and then reinterpreting them through their own music and dance, these talented young performers will introduce a whole new generation to the power of a movement that shaped—and continues to shape—the lives of their families here in Canada and abroad.

Following the performance will be a panel discussion, in which scholars and academics will explore South Asian history in Canada, and the many ways in which South Asian identity is expressed today.

Watch this space (and our FB page!) for more details to come on this unique event.

Photo: “They Also Fought For Freedom,” courtesy Google images

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