Shivani Bhagwan


Bhangra is a worldwide music and dance phenomenon! The moves, the beats, the irresistible energy have attracted folks of every background and culture. And with the fusion of Indian and Western styles becoming ever more popular, Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar were inspired to start the Bhangra Funk movement - Punjabi music and moves with a Hip Hop twist. They started teaching weekly classes in an L.A. studio, made some videos that are getting between 550,000 and 2 million views each (!!) - and created a worldwide buzz with #BHANGRAFUNK.

Detroit native Shivani Bhagwan was 9 when she started training in traditional Indian classical and folk styles, competing in dance competitions every summer. She went on to become a successful dance team captain and choreographer before moving to L.A. to learn new styles and train at a higher level with professional choreographers.

Together, these two young, creative, and adventurous dance talents have inspired a global phenomenon we're thrilled to experience, to hear about, and to welcome to City of Bhangra 2017.



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