Shaan Multiyaaran Di Bhangra Club (SMD)

Shaan Mutiyaaran Di Bhangra Club (SMD) | New York, NY
SMD is an all-female bhangra team based in New York City. SMD was formed in June 2008 by women truly passionate about understanding bhangra as an art form, and dedicated to raising the stature of women’s competitive teams. In no time at all, it proceeded to establish itself as a premiere team in North America! Taking the competitive bhangra scene by storm in its inaugural year, SMD earned second place at Bhangra Masti in Toronto, ONT and third place at Bhangra Fever in Binghamton, NY, continuing its success at Bhangra Allstars in Albany, NY, where it placed third. In 2010 SMD placed second at Bhangra Fever in Binghamton, NY, second at Bhangra Fusion in Detroit, MI, and second at VIBC in Vancouver, BC. Since then, SMD has continued its resounding success at competitions across North America. The team marries femininity and grace with the fast pace of New York City, performing a beautiful style of folk dance that embraces its identity as a female team, while infusing the bhangra scene with a high-energy intensity that continues to excite audiences worldwide.

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