Scarlet Lux


Scarlet Lux
(Belly Dancing, Where Not To Do Bhangra)

Sally Myrfield

In 2005, Sally began a new chapter in her life: belly dance with teacher Martina Crowe-Hewitt. Since then, Sally has been dedicated to the belly dance art form. In 2008, Sally began to train under Suhaila Salimpour, whose mathematical style of teaching really spoke to her. Sally integrates Suhaila’s format into her own teaching, and continues to train. Sally’s teaching and performance styles are built on her strong foundation of classical and contemporary dance forms. She directs and trains a group of award-winning dancers in Richmond, BC, and has received high honours for her choreographic work.

Angelina Thorne

Angelina Thorn is a world traveler, professional dancer, and yoga teacher, and has given over a decade of study, training, teaching, and performing to the art of belly dance in a wide range of styles and incarnations. From modern Egyptian to Turkish, Roman, and tribal fusion, she has sought out training from legendary dancers such as Suhaila Salimpour, Tamalyn Dallal, Rachel
Brice, Kami Lidle, Sharon Kihara, and many more. She is continually inspired by dancers of the American Vintage and Golden Age of Bellydance, and she balances her dance training with over 20 years of Hatha Yoga practice. Angelina teaches an extended course in personalized dance development and training called, “The Heart of Fusion,” and is the co-founder of Devi

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