Sanjay Seran


Sanjay Seran
(Performing at Downtown Bhangra Sat)

Sanjay Seran entered the Vancouver desi music scene as a teen in the late 90’s and has since brought his sound around the globe touring with his band Delhi 2 Dublin. The son of Singaporean-Punjabi immigrants describes himself as part of the bridge generation. “I grew up being embarrassed of being ‘different,’ of smelling funny and eating weird foods but now here I am, celebrating the exact same thing. I’m bridging the gap between being Punjabi and a west coast Canadian. I’m pushing boundaries and expanding the desi scene and doing a pretty damn good job of it too. Music has helped me connect to my roots and my roots have helped me connect to the world. I may not be The Weeknd but I can sing, I may not be Wiz Khalifa but I can rock a stage, I’m getting it done, and doing it my way – that’s boss if you ask me.”

Social Media:
Instagram: @delhi2dublin
Twitter: @delhi2dublin

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