Saini Surinder


Saini Surinder Known as (Surinder Singh) is a leading Indian artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of the late Surjit Bindrakhia Ji.

While studying Saini Surinder absorbed the acute attention and took interest within Folk Music refining his own visual and musical talent, which emerged within his school years. This talent and interest took him to achieve a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Music.

Saini Surinder is a very well known name in the Punjabi Music Industry who has made his name internationally known. Saini Surinder released his debut song in 2007 when he was discovered by a UK based Record Company with his first solo track called Boliyan, which was also featured In a multi-artist Platinum Album called ‘Folk Magic’.

Saini Surinder then came back to release some more songs called ‘Baggeh Baggeh’, Mundraan, Dil Mangde’ in another multi-artist album. Not long after this album, Saini Surinder released a religious album in 2008 called ‘Mukea Ni Khalsa’.

In 2009 Saini Surinder had his first international show in Dubai with a crowd capacity reaching 9-10,000 people. This show was so successful that due to his performance that night, he was invited to Russia to perform at a show. Agreeing to this within 20 days Saini Surinder made his way to Russia to perform, this show was also a very successful point in Saini Surinder’s career.

In 2010 Saini Surinder recorded and released a track called ‘Dil Kaala’. For this song the video was partly shot in India and partly shot in Russia.

After the success of his career so far Saini Surinder was getting phone calls and emails from international record labels to work with them on his music career. It was a difficult decision for Saini Surinder to choose whom to work with and who not to. Finally after 2 months of decision-making, Saini Surinder decided that he would go to work in England (United Kingdom).

At the end of 2010 Saini Surinder entered the UK to start on his career, as soon as he landed he went straight to a show in London. After receiving lots of love from new fans in the UK for hearing him for the first time, Saini Surinder then shot his first video of ‘Desi Peeni’ and ‘Naa Karde’ with TDF (The Dhol Foundation). Which was released to the public in February 2011.

Due to the success of this track, Saini Surinder didn’t look back; Shows and Songs were constantly coming his way to be released and to perform at. At every performance the young generation of the UK started to follow Saini Surinder and support him in his every movement. This made Saini Surinder to be one of the most sought out Live Bhangra Artists in the UK. Saini Surinder brought out releases after releases that reached number 1in the Asian Music Charts.

Past Performances

  • June 8, 2013 - VIBC Downtown Bhangra


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