Sabrina Sapal


San Diego-based singer, Sabrina, is a versatile and talented young Indo-Urban style artist who was drawn to that music's ability to build bridges between East and West. Her own edgy flare and urban vibe works to create a sound that's vibrant, hip, and distinctly her own.

Sabrina took to music when she was just three, and began singing at local events with live bands and orchestras at seven. She trained to play western instruments like the tuba and clarinet as well as an array of South Asian and Middle Eastern instruments.

Well-versed in a range of musical genres, and with a passion to spread her talent fueled by support from community and family, she is the epitome of a musical bridge-builder, poised to make fans from both sides. Sabrina recently released the single, Sire De Shaukeen, to great response.

Instagram: @iamSabrinaMusic
SnapChat: iamSabrinaMusic
Twitter: @iamSabrinaMusic



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