Rakhi Mutta

Rakhi_Mutta_Photo_.jpgBorn to activist parents of Indian descent, Rakhi Mutta was raised in the vibrant city of Toronto, where she currently lives and works. For over 14 years, she has built on her natural curiosity and passion for social justice by working with high-risk communities—including Dalits, displaced persons, child soldiers, and other victims of violence—in places such as Nepal, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, and England. Her work led to the creation of the international non-profit organization Kahaniya (“sisters sharing stories”), which provides tools of documentation for communities whose lived experiences are often ignored by mainstream media.

Today, through her production company, Ms. Mutta Productions Inc., Rakhi furthers her work as a storyteller, creating visual projects such as the hit viral video Punjabi Mime Thru Time, the popular web series Anarkali, and a photography series entitled The Good Indian Bride, which was featured at Nuit Blanche 2015 (Toronto) and the 2015 Feminist Art Conference (Toronto). A past recipient of Sheridan College’s Community Leadership Award, Rakhi is currently completing her Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies at York University, with a focus on South Asian women, film, and feminism.


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