A Community of Talent

Our past performers span continents and cultures.

The talented people listed here have worked closely with us in the past. Each year our programming team works with performers and artists to innovate, experiment and develop unique experiences for our audiences. 

Kiran Sunar

Kiran Sunar is a PhD Student in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia working under the supervision of Dr. Anne Murphy.
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Rick Hansen Bhangra

The Rick Hansen Bhangra Team started off as a group of friends in 2014, who wanted to help represent their school in a positive way.
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Jawani Ka Jhatka

Jawani Ka Jhatka is a Bollywood and Hip Hop style dance group in Vancouver BC.
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Kirti Arneja

Kirti has recently released her song "Jogi" with Mika Singh in April, which was followed by a recent tour of the USA, Dubai and Pune.
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Brenda Grunau

Brenda is the manager of the new BC Music Fund, and brings more than 15 years of experience in Canada’s music industry.
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Alex Grigg

Alex is a veteran music industry professional with over 20 years of experience in for profit and non-profit sectors of the entertainment business.
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Taiwo Bah

Taiwo comes to FACTOR having spent many years working in youth-advocacy and capacity-building through various nonprofit organizations across Toronto.
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Mike Schroeder

Mike Schroeder is the CEO of the Nimbus School of Recording & Media.
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