Our 10 Year Anniversary

We begin this year with a milestone in history. One hundred years ago, the arrival of the Komagata Maru set the course for Sikh immigration into western society. We look at the progression of our culture and community over the past century and attribute it to this group of 376 courageous individuals. Today there are many organizations, events, and exhibitions that pay tribute to this iconic group, and to a defining moment in time. For more information, please visit http://komagatamarujourney.ca/ and visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s exhibit “KOMAGATA MARU: Challenging Injustice” on now until June 8.

As we reflect on one significant date in time, another presents itself in 2014 – just ten years since VIBC was founded. From a group of people looking to create a platform for bhangra, VIBC has turned into an international sensation, rousing groups from all over the world to come participate in the largest bhangra festival in North America. We want to commemorate everyone who has been involved with VIBC over the years. To all of the volunteers, teams, artists, speakers, sponsors, supporters, and fans, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary with thanks to you. This year we have one thing we want to get across, and that is love. Love of our culture, community, music, dance, and each other. Bhangra love.

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