VIBC Partners with DIVERSEcity to support Syrian refugees


Finally! Announcing an easy way for YOU to support the Syrian refugees!

By the end of February 2016, we will be welcoming over 3,000 Syrian refugees to our neighbourhoods and helping them settle into their new communities. Today, you can make a difference to their experience and help shape the future of B.C.

The government of Canada has taken on the initiative of helping 25,000 people in desperate need. Currently, these children, women, and men are stranded in refugee camps, facing hunger, cold, and a bleak future. Many of them have suffered extreme trauma and are fighting to survive. You can make a difference in how we welcome these victims of extreme hardship into our community.

It’s really easy.

VIBC is partnering up with DIVERSEcity to support their initiatives — all we ask is that you do the same. DIVERSEcity has been working with immigrants and refugees since 1978. Each year they assist over 16,000 new settlers by providing a variety of services, such as:

• Settlement and Community Programs
• Language Training and Literacy Programs
• Employment Services and Skills Training
• Counselling Services
• Programs for Children and Youth
• Interpretation and Translation Services

DIVERSEcity will be working closely with the refugees to determine their needs for the coming months. By supporting their initiatives, VIBC will help shape the experience and outcome of this settlement, providing resources, support, and programs to the refugees as they arrive and begin contributing to their new communities. Broken people who lack support and resources can lead to a broken community; you can help make sure this doesn’t happen!

You can contribute in many ways:

SUPPORT: DIVERSEcity Refugee Fund
Through this Go Fund Me campaign, you can support new settlers by providing funding for housing and much-needed materials such as medical and dental supplies, toiletries, diapers, clothing, shoes, and bus tickets.

PROVIDE: Housing Opportunities
Do you or does someone you know have housing available at subsidized pricing? Are you aware of any basement suites or apartments that can be made available for families needing shelter? For more information, please contact Laura Mannix at or 604-954-4009.

OFFER: Employment or Training
Do you have or know of a business that would open its doors and hire Syrian refugees? Remember, these refugees come with their own skillsets and experience. Also, the quicker they’re integrated into the workforce, the quicker they can begin to become strong, self-reliant contributors to Canada. For more information, please contact Susan Woronko at or 604-547-2004.

VOLUNTEER: Time and Expertise

As we welcome these new settlers to our community, we need to remember all the effort going into these initiatives. There are hundreds of volunteers helping to make this good work happen. You can also contribute your time and expertise to this important mission. For more information, please contact Echo Gao at or 604-547-1237.

GIVE: Make a Charitable Contribution
If you wish to make a charitable contribution, you can contact Jenny Chang at DIVERSEcity. Please email or call 604-547-1246.

For more information, visit Help spread the word on these initiatives by sharing the website on your social media platforms and through conversation with your family and friends.

Please take the initiative, and make a donation of money, time, services, or supplies to support the Syrian refugees. You CAN shape the future of your community, and this is how to do it!

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