Nirmal Sidhu


Nirmal Sidhu was born in village Tehna, District Faridkot and he also grew up there. Nirmal Sidhu belongs to a middle class Jatt family with strict up bringing. He used to live near Gurdwara and got inspired by listening to Kirtan/Gurbani. Since childhood Nirmal was interested in music.

At the age of 12 Master Naginder Singh Chahal inspired him to learn more music and educate himself. Finally he finished Masters in Music. In 1987, his first song was broadcasted on Doordarshan, Jallandhar.

That song enabled him to establish himself in the field off commercial music. Then onward most of his music was in the capacity of music director for various singers. In 2000, Lux Zee Cine Award asked Mr. Sidhu to perform.

Since then, Nirmal Sidhu has composed many audio, video albums and TV serials, as a Singer/Music Composer. A wide range of hit albums have covers under his direction.

He would to carry on making music bearing in mind, representing wider Indian culture, however not forgetting Northern culture at the same time. Nirmal Sidhu would like to interact with wider audience because music industry and audience’s taste is changing rapidly, and he doesn’t want to be left behind. Sidhu would like to see that younger generation is connected with today’s music as well as enjoys classic, traditional and original music.

Besides continuing to make music for his music lover fans, the future plan of Nirmal Sidhu is to promote active participation towards Global Warming & Climate Change. He believes, it has become “Global Warning Worldwide. However, being an Indian and connected strongly to Punjab he consider it’s his duty to play the part to bring awareness amongst people the impact of GW&CH on Punjab, where ever and when ever possible.

“Also whilst, doing this I would strongly urge people not to ignore the reality of Punjab’s younger generation with Drug Addiction problem and fleeing away. If our Punjab is lacking younger generation Punjabi will lose its identity, Nirmal Sidhu says.

Past Performances

  • May 8, 2010 - VIBC Bhangra Competition

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