My Volunteer Experience!


My relationship with VIBC began a few years ago, in 2011, as a general festival volunteer. The idea to volunteer with VIBC had been recommended to me by one of friends since I enjoyed and had a lot of fun at the musical and dance events VIBC is known for excelling in. The year after, I took up the opportunity to apply and eventually to become part of the VIBC admin team and here I am now, in 2014, as this years Volunteer Coordinator.

It's a great feeling knowing that I've had the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual just by starting out as a volunteer with such an amazing and cultured organization. As a volunteer I learned how to work in a team and network with many individuals who have a passion for community engagement, establishing new relationships, and what I think is the most important, to build bridges between cultures. These skills and opportunities have helped to shape the person I am today and a lot of it reflects back in the work I am now responsible for and have had the opportunity to complete. None of this would not have been possible at all if I had not taken the decision to become involved and dedicate time towards representing and working with an organization of such stature and community and cultural involvement.

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