Lehmber Hussainpuri


Lehmber Hussainpuri was born on July 17, 1977 in Kapurthala, Punjab. Hussainpuri first appeared on the mainstream Bhangra scene in 2001 through Mukhtar Sahota on a track titled Sanu Sohni Lagdi. His next song was the renowned Das Ja on the album Hype by DJ Sanj. Hussainpuri then moved onto a collaboration with Dr. Zeus in 2003, on the album Unda The Influence. This album was a success with both traditional and modern Bhangra fans with such hits as Ah Ni Kuria, Mil De Yaar, Mele Vich Jatt and Tin Cheejha.

Past Performances

  • January 21, 2006 - VIBC Bhangra Competition
  • January 21, 2006 - VIBC After Party

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