Invitation to VIBC AGM and the launch of TransFusion!


On Thursday, December 3, please join us at our AGM to celebrate another year of extraordinary events, experiences, and community created and supported by YOU — our friends, family, colleagues, partners, performers, and sponsors.

We’ll kick off year 12 by reviewing our recent successes, including City of Bhangra Festival 2015 (our best yet!), Songs of Revolution, HypeSound Workshop and our Bellingham Bhangra Residency, plus highlighting our new partnerships! 

Then things get REALLY interesting, as VIBC presents TransFusion, an amazing new performance piece developed by Tarun Nayar. 

TransFusion features bhangra as the inspiration for four local dancers to create new works, drawing on their experience of African dance, tap, flamenco, contemporary, and hip hop.

TransFusion has always been about pushing boundaries and taking artistic liberties. This year, VIBC is excited to partner up with artists Vanessa Goodman, Stu Iguidez, Dayna Szyndrowski, and Jacky Yenga. Together, we present bhangra abstracted — elements of the dance movements, the music, the instruments, the language — seen through a new and unique lens. This is our opportunity to get weird, to explore, and to excite you with an innovative performance, blending and creating new pieces in partnership with local artists. Art has no boundaries, and through TransFusion, VIBC continues to break through the silos and explore new possibilities for cross-cultural understanding.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend our AGM and see four amazing artists “transfuse” traditional forms of dance and music and art with bhangra, such that we can look on them with fresh new eyes.

Special thanks to event sponsors Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Nanak Foods. Photo courtesy Jacky Yenga

VIBC Annual General Meeting

Thursday, December 3, 2015
7:00–7:30 pm, followed by TransFusion
Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall
Tickets: $10.00 (Note: admission to the AGM is free, but TransFusion ticket includes annual membership to VIBC.)

Ticket purchase:


TransFusion Performers

The Dancers


Vanessa Goodman

Vanessa is a Vancouver-based dance artist who creates independently as Action at a Distance, is co-director of The Contingency Plan, and is an artistic associate with Small Stage. She was the recipient of the 2013 Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award. Recently she has interpreted works for Dancers Dancing, the plastic orchid factory, Restless Productions, and dumb instrument dance. Vanessa has been commissioned to create works for the Dancing on the Edge, The Gwaii Trust, Vancouver Biennale, and Simon Fraser University. Most recently, her work has been presented by The Canada Dance Festival, The Magnetic North Festival, The Dance Centre, Dances for a Small Stage, The Modulus Festival, The Chutzpah Festival, and The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.


Stu Iguidez

"Stuey Tellar" is greatly respected for his dance contribution to the Lower Mainland. His dance style is the fusion of urban movement consisting of b-boying, popping, house, new jack swing, tutting, isolation, and videodance. A natural entertainer, Stuey keeps his audiences mesmerized and inspires other local talent with fresh new innovative movement. He started as a B-boy in the mid 90’s, then took an interest in hip-hop choreography. Credits include The Roots, Mos Def, Black Eyed Peas, Michel Buble, Dogg Pound, Dj Tiesto, Aasics running shoes, Naughty by Nature, and “SYTYCD” Canada. Today, Stewart is part of three different dance crews: Floorstorm, OverTheInfluence and The Faculty.


Dayna Szyndrowski

Dance and music—inseparable. All of Dayna's experiences in dance have been informed by this connection and her pursuit of rhythm. She studies tap dance and its rich history in jazz music and improvisation as a means of communication. Her performances include the Athens' Coetani Experimental Flamenco Festival, Dances for a Small Stage, and the Small Pocket Festival in Vancouver, the Toronto Rhythm Initiative's Nina & Joni shows, the Tap Ahead Festival in Germany, and many others.


Jacky Yenga

Originally from Cameroon, Central Africa, Jacky grew up in Paris and now lives in Vancouver. Her early life was rooted in togetherness and collaboration, respect for the elders, for nature, and the ancestors, until the age of 9, when she experienced the trauma of disconnection after being sent to the West to “live a better life.” Now she’s an inspiring speaker and enthusiastic ambassador for the wisdom of Africa and its message of togetherness, which she shares around the world in various forms, including as a singer, musician, and dance performer.


The Director


Tarun Nayar

VIBC’s Artistic Director never stops! Writer, producer, DJ, and musician extraordinaire in our city’s favourite fusion band, Delhi 2 Dublin, Tarun is also a founding member of Vancouver's Beats Without Borders collective (hosts of the city's longest running global electronica club night) and Jam Camp (an organization that runs improvisational music camps for kids). Tarun has acted in the past as Artistic Director for TransFusion, and we’re thrilled to have him back in the driver’s seat for this performance.


The Bhangra Expert


Hardeep Singh Sahota

Deep is the Director of the Royal Academy of Bhangra, the first not-for-profit academy in Canada to offer a formal Punjabi Folk Dance education with a syllabus consisting of three grade levels. The Academy successfully uses the art form of bhangra as a creative outlet to promote skill, discipline, and physical fitness, and to provide team building and leadership initiatives for youth. Deep has collaborated for many years on many projects with VIBC, most recently on a performance by men and women of the Academy at SFU’s 8th Annual Diwala Gala in November 2015.



The Artists


The Kalakari Collective

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