Introducing VIBC’s Media Marketing Specialist, Milan Singh!


SFU PhD candidate and VIBC Director Milan Singh brings creativity and innovation to the VIBC team. Among her many accomplishments for the organization, Milan recently spearheaded the re-design of VIBC’s website, and organized and hosted an event on March 19 called “Songs of Revolution.” (For a link to the programme, please click here)

Through her energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work, Milan inspires everyone around her. She enjoys giving back to the South Asian community through various artistic events and the many hours of volunteer time she puts into working at VIBC, all while working as a PhD student and instructor at SFU. When Milan isn’t busy with all the chaos that surrounds her daily life, she likes watching Bollywood films, reading, writing, and figuring out how to go from “wannabe traveler” to “professional traveler.”

Milan works hard to help VIBC realize its vision of connecting communities through the art of bhangra, and hopes to inspire South Asian youth through various VIBC events and programs. Milan shares VIBC’s passion to create a space for young people of South Asian and other backgrounds to creatively express themselves. 

VIBC is fortunate to have Milan Singh—a woman who carries both experiential and academic knowledge of the South Asian diaspora—as a member of the VIBC family!

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