Inder Kooner


Inder Kooner
(Performing at Downtown Bhangra, Saturday)

Multi-talented Vancouver artist Inder Kooner does it all: he’s a singer, songwriter, and a solo artist; in 2014, he released his first single, “Gut Nagni,” produced by Popsy “The Music Machine” from the UK, which immediately shot to the top of Canada’s iTunes charts, and hasn’t looked back since!

He began in 2007 as a prominent member of En Karma, one of North America’s most successful bhangra bands. He has played at some of the top venues, supporting some of the biggest names in Punjabi music, including Shin DCS, Apna Sangeet, Heera, KS Makhan, and Malkit Singh. In 2012, Inder and En Karma opened the “Maharajas” tour for Jazzy B and Sharry Maan in North America to further cement their position as the best live band around.

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