Horsepowar (Jasleen Powar)


When asked Jasleen Powar (aka Horsepowar) to describe her music, she said, "If Nelly Furtado, Larry David, Taraji P. Henson and Ducky (from Land Before Time) had a baby, it would be my music". 

This Vancouver-based Desi rapper uses the theatrics of Bollywood visually and sonically to take her audiences on a journey from Canada to India and back. Reviewers unabashedly use terms like "empowered" and "a powerhouse" to describe her and her work, and DJ Bobby Friction says "She's just brilliant" in The Guardian. Her lyrics have substance, she chants down stereotypes, and her beats rule.

With the release of her latest mixtape, Out2Lunch, Horsepowar finds a balance between mysterious poetry and tongue-twisting bars that'll make you laugh, cry, and dance. She's an artist to watch. Rap game Madhuri Dixit with a laptop and a lipstick!



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