Heera Group UK was a popular bhangra music group that originated in the early 1980s. They scored several Punjabi hit songs through much of the decade. Arguably, Heera Group introduced Bhangra as we hear it today.

With Charnjit Ahuja's music they released the album 'Bhabi Te Nanaan Nachdi' (1983). 'Pind De Mundiya Te' became a popular song. 'Jaghwala Mela' (1985) was released and became a very big hit. Unfortunately Bhindi temporarily ended his career due to health problems. Heera group gave 'Diamonds From Heera' and continued their success. After Bhindi left temporarily, Dhami took over and continued their rising success. However, as years passed, each member left to attain solo success. Satwant Tak went on to become a solo singer under the name "Raga Kaka". J. Kumar achieved solo success with "Teri Meri Ek Jind" in Bollywood. Palvinder Dhami became a successful solo singer in the Punjabi folk industry. Bhindi returned but only as a songwriter, and after the group ended, he went on to write songs for other U.K.-based acts.

Heera Group had a number of hit songs over a period of many years such as 'Maar Chadappa' from 'Diamonds from Heera'. At one point, they were highly popular not only in London, where they performed and recorded their songs, but also in India and Pakistan, where they gained a huge fan following. They also achieved popularity by becoming one of the first British Indian acts to have recorded performances, which became big on the video cassette circuit.

Past Performances

  • February 21, 2009 - VIBC Bhangra Competition
  • February 21, 2009 - VIBC After Party


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