Fateh Doe


With his turban and full-flowing beard, Fateh Zoe's striking appearance is unusual for a rap artist. When he fell in love with hip hop as a teenager growing up in Northern California, he idolized many rappers - but none of them looked like him. Rather than conform to the norm, he decided, “If I don’t have anybody I can idolize, I want to be the guy that some kid like me idolizes.” Thus an artist who is fully his own man was born.

After completing high school in the States, Fateh and his family relocated to Toronto where he really started to hone his craft and connect with like-minded artists such as Jus Reign and Dr Zeus, who he still works with today. 

Fateh has performed in many different countries around the world, and in the last two years, has been featured on an unheard of number of BBC Asian chart topping singles, many of which reached #1.

Fateh's ability to easily rap in both English and Punjabi has helped put him in front of any competition. DJ Bobby Friction says, "When you listen to his tracks...you realized this is speaking to not just Canadians but a village boy in the Punjab". In late 2016, he released his first studio album titled "Bring It Home" that featured the likes of The PropheC, Amar Sandhu, Mickey Singh, Mofolactic, and Raginder, and rose to the #1 spot on the iTunes Charts. In 2017, Fateh is not slowing down, with solo and collaborative projects on tap. He's also gearing up for his first US tour, aiming to rock crowds from coast to coast.



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