2 Vs 2 Bhangra Competition

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday, June 16th
#2V2BC Rounds 1 & 2
11:00am - 2:00pm at Centre Stage, Surrey City Hall

Sunday, June 17th
#2V2BC Rounds 3&4
1:00pm - 3:00pm at Central City Plaza (Outside SFU Surrey)

Surrey City Hall & Central City Plaza
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In collaboration with Vancity Bhangra

Friday, June 15th - A Message For The Competitors: We’re getting so excited! 5X Festival is off and running, and we’re ready to welcome you to our inaugural competition THIS SATURDAY JUNE 16th 9:30am at CENTRE STAGE.You can find a map here.

You are competing for 1000$ and VIP access to the festival, including a meet and greet with our headliners - Sharry Maan, Jasmine Sandlas, and Manpreet Toor. And of course bragging rights - you’ll be the first winner of this competition - EVER!

So practice hard - you still have time to put together a great opening routine. Get creative - thought the competition is bhangra-inspired, we want you to innovate and push the boundaries. And have fun!

Don’t forget, when you check in on Saturday morning, please have a team name for you and your partner - we’ll be using your team name in the competition. Please come fully dressed as we don’t have access to dressing rooms at the venue.

If you can’t make it, pls let us know asap as we have a waitlist. And if you’re on the waitlist, chances are very high that you’ll be competing. Please practice hard!


This is bhangra for the streets.

With 36 bhangra dance teams, BC is home to one of the most vibrant dance scenes on the planet. We’re returning to our roots and celebrating local talent in a big, new way: 2v2 dance battles.

This tournament-style contest will be held June 16 and 17th 2018. Celebrity judges include Manpreet Toor and other special guests. Dancers will compete for cash prizes and VIP access to the festival, along with exclusive meet and greets with the likes of Sharry Mann, Jasmine Sandlas, and KayRay. Auditions are via online video submission from May 8-31, 2018.


1st place: 2v2BC Championship belt + $1000 + VIP access to the festival + exclusive meet and greets

2nd place: $500

3rd place: $250

Online video submissions:

  • Follow @5xfest on Instagram
  • Post a 2-person routine to your Instagram using the #2V2BC hashtag.
  • Tag @5xfest on the video


  • Videos must be 1 minute or under in length
  • All ages, ethnicities, genders and orientations are welcome
  • Submitted video must include only the 2 dancers who will be competing should you advance to the finals
  • You may use existing videos but these videos must include the same 2 dancers who will be competing should you advance
  • No individual is allowed to perform for more than 1 team
  • All non-local teams are responsible for their own travel costs to compete in Surrey, BC should they advance to the finals
  • On June 1 we will announce the finalists who will compete in Surrey BC on June 16-17
  • A compulsory meeting for all finalists will be held on June 8th in Surrey, BC. Non-local teams may phone or skype in.

We are encouraging creativity and self-expression. Get free with your Bhangra. This is not a traditional Bhangra competition, this is street style, no holds barred. Think up new moves. Wear costumes. Heck, make costumes. Use props. Make your own music edits. Use visual effects in the videos. Whatever you have to do to blow our minds. We ask only that your routine is bhangra ‘inspired’.

Your submissions will go through a screening process by experienced members of the Bhangra and dance communities and judged on creativity, synchronization and engagement.

Creativity: See above. Get wild. Show us something we’ve never seen before

Synchronization: We want to see some tite routines. Keep things locked in

Engagement: Comments? Likes? Reposts? All of that counts. If your audition goes viral, we’re paying attention.

For examples of a sample video submission see below:

CAPTION: Our entry into 2 vs 2 Bhangra competition by @5xfest


Note: only videos which are submitted using the above guidelines will be considered during the screening process


1) Will Vancity Bhangra  dancers be given preference? 

A: Some people have had questions regarding Vancity Bhangra’s involvement, and whether this is an impartial competition. Vancity Bhangra was instrumental in helping us get the idea off the ground, drafting the judging rubric, and the reg package. They are not involved in judging, nor will any preference be given to any team or affiliation. Our judges are independent.

2) Who are your judges? Are they the best? 

A: Yes, they are the best :) 

Online judges are: 
Kiran Mander (UBC Girlz), Mandeep Rai (SFBC), Harmeet Dhaliwal (ABC) 
Live competition judges are: Manpreet Toor, Gary ‘Saint Lion’ Mangat, Bharathi Sandhu

3) Can I use my own music?
A: Yes, use whatever you like. Should you make it into the finals, we will be supplying the music for every round.

4) Is this a strictly bhangra dance competition?

A: No. This is a bhangra-inspired dance contest. We encourage creativity and innovation. We deeply respect the traditional art form and ran a traditional bhangra dance contest for years. This is not that.

5) Can I wear a costume? I have this great unicorn costume I want to use.

A: We love costumes. We love props. Get creative!

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