En Karma


En Karma is a group of very talented friends who share a musical mission: to create great Bhangra music that people love dancing to as much as they love playing it. It's a recipe for success that has them ranked as North America's pre-eminent Bhangra band.

Group members Nick Chowlia (keys), Pip Dhaliwal (drums), Ricky Thinda (bass guitar), Karm Cooner (dhol), and Inder Kooner (vocals) combine broad-ranging musical backgrounds to create an irresistible, joyful Bhangra sound.

En Karma band mates combine experience playing with the top groups of the 80's Bhangra movement in the UK, the oldest folk Bhangra institutions in Canada along with a bit of indie-rock sensibility. Add that to modern Vancouver influences, and you have something that really kicks out all the stops.  

On stage they're a stellar combination of musicianship, live band arrangements, and performance chops unmatched in Bhangra.

website: www.enkarma.ca



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