En Karma


En Karma
(Performing at Downtown Bhangra Saturday)

Founded by Pip Dhaliwal (Drums), Nick Chowlia (Keyboards), Inder Kooner (Vox), Ricky Thinda (Bass), and Karm Kooner (Dhol), En Karma has been steadily building an International name as the bhangra scene's indie rockers. Their debut album “En Karma” hit #1 on the iTunes world music charts, followed up with “Enkarmafied,” which hit the iTunes world music #2 spot soon after.

Performing at shows and festivals around North America since 2007, En Karma is a distinct and unmatched commodity in the bhangra industry: the only World Bhangra Rock band in North America, En Karma's members deliver musicianship and performance abilities without compare. Drawing on UK influences for live band arrangements and infused with more contemporary influences in North America, En Karma has created a unique World Bhangra sound that has audiences from all diversities mesmerized by their DRUM & DHOL beats.

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