DJ A-SLAM Debuts New Song at COB 2014


Local Juno-nominated and international-award winning artist DJ A-SLAM has been involved in developing the Vancouver South Asian fusion scene for the last three years. On Saturday, June 7, he’ll be headlining the City of Bhangra’s Downtown Bhangra event (outside the Vancouver Art Gallery), where he’ll release his newest song live!

To go with the Festival’s #BhangrLove theme and to celebrate its 10th anniversary, DJ A-SLAM will debut his love song called, “Gaddi.” The track features DJ Reminisce on vocals, and music by DJ EQZT, and will be available for free download on June 8. DJ A-SLAM has been releasing a remix and mixtape every month since January, including the hit mashup "Beware of the Girls," combining Jennifer Lopez's "Girls" with Punjabi MC's "Beware of the Boys." Follow DJ A-SLAM on Soundcloud to be the first to get "Gaddi" (, and don’t miss him at Downtown Bhangra!

Photo courtesy DJ A-SLAM

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