Delhi 2 Dublin Does It Again!


We're excited to announce that Delhi 2 Dublin, Vancouver’s very own Celtic/Punjabi band, has just released the video for their brand new single, TumbiWow. Marking their 9th year of success as a band, TumbiWow is the first track we’ll get to hear from their highly anticipated album, set to drop on August 25, 2015. (It’s also featured in our 2015 City of Bhangra Festival campaign video—thanks for sharing, D2D!)

Over the years, Delhi 2 Dublin has released eight amazing albums, seizing the power of cultural fusion and becoming one of the most talked about bands in Canada. Even better, VIBC has had the pleasure of working with them since the start. Band members Tarun Nayar and Sanjay Seran have both performed at various VIBC events since the Festival began, and our own VIBC founder and past director, Mo Dhaliwal, continues to co-write many of their songs today. Tarun has also played a role in VIBC’s artistic endeavours, acting as Artistic Director for TransFusion (one of the City of Bhangra Festival’s signature events) since its inception in 2008. 

Their partnership began in 2006, when VIBC became aware of Delhi 2 Dublin at Vancouver’s Celtic Fest. The group intended to perform that year as a one-off experiment, but their infectious energy and fresh new approach to blending cultural traditions was too good to be true for local audiences! The band was born, and the musical and artistic bond formed by VIBC and Delhi 2 Dublin that year endures today.

In 2008 the band performed at VIBC’s Bhangra Competition, and in 2009, they totally rocked the outdoor stage at Downtown Bhangra as thousands thronged the grounds for the free, open-air programming that weekend. Will they perform again at City of Bhangra Festival? We sure hope so!!

VIBC is excited to be a part of Delhi 2 Dublin and we wish them the best of success for the release of their album this summer! Also be sure to catch them on their upcoming live North American tour.

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Great news! Pre-order the album right now via PledgeMusic and you’ll get exclusive access to other pre-release singles, signed music, merchandise, music lessons, and more!

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Blog by Suman Lally
Photo courtesy Delhi 2 Dublin

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