Dalvinder Singh


Music is very important to Dalvinder Singh, from a prime age he grew up watching his father Sewa Singh with admiration, now his father looks at him with pride. Dalvinder has passion, drive, ambition and talent. He believes in bhangra and his roots are pure Punjabi, Music is his life.

Dalvinder has built up a great reputation during his career in the bhangra music industry. This reputation includes great vocals, good music, contemporary and traditional. He holds a diverse energy on stage and is appreciated worldwide gaining him a lot of respect nationally for being a British born Punjabi bhangra singer.

Dalvinder Singh does not hide behind anything or anyone, Dalvinder Singh does not hide full stop. He is a traditionalist who thrives on live performances taking us back to our roots, the original bhangra roots.

Past Performances

  • June 10, 2012 - VIBC Downtown Bhangra


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