Closing the Intercontinental Gap


Sharif Idu and Sukhi Khan join the HSBC presents City of Bhangra 2012 line-up from India

Tracing his lineage to Bhai Mardana, longtime companion and friend of Guru Nanak, Sharif Idu is one of the rarest musicians working in the Dhadhi tradition. The pair join us from India and bring one of the most original forms of Punjabi music to Canadian soil.

Incorporating Sufi philosophies and music in each performance and accompanied by a 100-year old sarangi (a classical Indian string instrument), Idu’s open-throated voice often infuses a depth of emotion that rises above even the lyrics. His traditional compositions are punctuated with abrupt yet extremely controlled breaks in melodic structure that combine with the notes played on the sarangi.

The pair will be performing at both the Downtown Bhangra I and Downtown Bhangra II events at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza on June 9 & 10.

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