City of Bhangra Festival Proud Participant in “100 in 1 Day”


In 2012, a group of urban design students in Bogota, Colombia, were tasked with creating six urban interventions – acts that make the city better – in one day. One night, over drinks, they joked “Only six? Why not 100?” and 100 in 1 Day was born. In that first year over 250 urban interventions took place on one day in Bogota. Two years later, the movement has spread to 25 cities around the world. On June 7th, it will happen for the first time in Vancouver.

100 in 1 Day is focused on the ideas of active citizenship community engagement; how can citizens take ownership of their city and public spaces? Urban interventions are an easy, simple way to do this. Anything from handing out flowers to strangers, to creating public art, to building a community garden can be called an urban intervention.

100 in 1 Day Vancouver is proud to have the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration listed as an urban intervention. VIBC is dedicated to showcasing the culture of bhangra, and to creating new community connections that celebrate life and the joy of inclusion.

To find out more about 100 in 1 Day Vancouver, please visit our website:, or send us an email at We are also on Facebook: and Twitter @100in1dayVan.

Photo Courtesy VIBC

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