Capoeira: A Martial Art Hidden in the Form of a Dance


Hello! My name is Sidartha Murjani, and I’ve been a volunteer for the City of Bhangra Festival for 2 years. I’m an actor, writer, web designer and also an avid practitioner of Capoeira, an amazing Afro-Brazilian martial art developed 400 years ago. Like bhangra (which also originated hundreds of years ago in the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan), capoeira has spread throughout the world, bringing people of all ages, ethnicities, and beliefs together through the energy and excitement of movement, music, and dance. In this short essay, I'll introduce you to this incredible art form, and hopefully you’ll get to experience it first-hand at the City of Bhangra Festival this year! Stay tuned for details… full program TBA soon.

Capoeira: A martial art hidden in the form of a dance.

Photo courtesy Axé Capoeira

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