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Al Mosaico Flamenco Dance Academy | Vancouver, BC

Flamenco is a global art form that is gaining great popularity in Vancouver. Originating with the gypsies in Andalucia, Flamenco has grown beyond the boundaries of Spain and now belongs to the world. Flamenco dance and music embodies universal and genuine human emotion, which transcends culture to touch the souls of all people.

Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy was founded by Oscar Nieto and Kasandra "La China" in 2002. The word Mozaico refers to the mosaic of students from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, fitness levels and economic circumstances who are drawn to the world of flamenco and come to study at the Academy. Over the years, Oscar and Kasandra have brought countless devotees to the art of Flamenco.

Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy provides students with the very best flamenco training by integrating music, dance, and culture in its teaching methodology. Students learn to express themselves with dramatic movements and skillful footwork as they come to understand the exciting rhythms and soulful songs of gypsy music. Flamenco offers a rich transformative experience and a life long journey of discovery, challenge and development.

True Flamenco is a “cuadro,” an interplay between dancer, singer, guitarist, palmistas, and percussionists. In the masterclasses, our students are joined by Vancouver’s guitarists, cajon players, palmistas and singers for some real Jerez ambience! This setting provides a fun, enjoyable, non-competitive learning environment where students can explore, improvise and create their own choreography. Differences are celebrated, students encourage one another and teachers are firm but supportive. With this kind of training, students can realize their full potential and learn at their own pace.

Mozaico Flamenco has been a moving force in the world of Spanish dance for over 40 years, continuously pushing the outer edges of the artistic envelope. Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy ensures that the tradition of innovation will be passed to future generations of flamenco students for years to come.  We welcome a new generation of instructors that embody dance expertise as well as knowledge of kinesiology, music theory and flamenco cuadro performance experience.

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