A Brimful of Asha Gets a Room Full of Laughs

The overbearing mother who only wants the best for her children, the cultural expectations and the ever increasing pressure to get married. As many of us fall victim to these intentions, the Vancouver Arts Club performs this story in its presentation of A Brimful of Asha, where it is a mother’s job and sole determination to see her son Ravi married- even if she has to arrange it herself. It is simply a joy to watch a real life mother-son duo perform their story.

This comedy takes us on a roller coaster of emotion and laughter through a generational and cultural clash. To find out more information on upcoming shows and events, or buy tickets, visit http://artsclub.com/shows/2013-2014/a-brimful-of-asha

The Vancouver Arts Club has been putting on show stopping performances for over 50 years. It has launched many Canadian careers, dating back to 1964 when it first opened its stage on Seymour and Davie.

You can catch up with the Vancouver Arts Club and all of their electrifying performances by checking out their website, www.artsclub.com and view a full archive of all past, present and future productions.

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