10 Years of Bhangra Love


Pushing boundaries, creating spaces, #BhangraLove

Behind the scenes and in the streets, VIBC’s 10th anniversary campaign is celebrating #BhangraLove.

Our campaign is close to us, and we hope it reaches you in a meaningful way too. The photographs are meant to share our deeper side, the side that is concerned with discrimination, cultural recognition, freedom of expression, access to the arts, and of course – love. It’s the side that drives us to work together, create spaces for intercultural collaborations, and develop positive relationships with the people around us. It’s the side of us that lets us push boundaries.

City of Bhangra Festival -- 10th Anniversary #BhangraLove

Whether challenging political issues or appreciating the simple ways we connect with one another, our campaign is meant to leave room for interpretation. It’s meant for you to connect with VIBC in the way you want to.

For us, the images should reach beyond the sidewalk, and into spaces where cultural practices, expressions, and our complex identities wander freely.

As we enter our tenth year, we want to take risks and we want to keep learning. To do this, VIBC will need to wear its heart on its sleeve. And, we’re asking you to join us. #BhangraLove

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