Shan-e-Punjab Dance, Performing Arts & Heritage School


Shan-e-Punjab Dance, Performing Arts & Heritage School | Victoria

In April of this year celebrated its 23 years at the University of Victoria hosting a 3 hour youth cultural show - at VIBC we bring to you two of our advanced teams. Shan-e-Punjab is the hub of the development of Bhangra in Victoria and Vancouver Island with the direction of the founder Sonia Grewal; through these goals Shan-e-Punjab has provided volunteer leadership, teaching and managing opportunities for many youth. This year, in partnership with an organization Acheson, Sweeney, Foley and Sahota Personal Injury Law Firm Shan-e-Punjab reached its other goal of supporting education and have offered their first scholarship of $1000.

These students share a true passion for Bhangra and bring their unique style as a team; all of these students are teachers at Shan-e-Punjab and share over 20 years of dance experience. They have shared Bhangra with audiences nationally including Disneyland in 2012, at the 120 year celebration of the Vancouver Island Exhibition, Opening Ceremony of the University of Victoria CARSA Vikes Nation building, Royal BC Museum celebrating BCs 150 years, Bhangra Nation in Ontario, for the Lieutenant Governor General of BC the honourable Judith Guichon, BC Legislature (Premiers Office), 20 year reunion of the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games, TV Commercial for Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, and Western Federal Public Sector Unions conference held at the Victoria Conference Centre. They have inspired others including dance schools, public schools and dance companies by holding workshops and teaching others on the Island, as well as mentoring their teams and students.

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